Xylobone Tomes is a long-form fantasy adventure webcomic, heavier on the sorcery than the swords, following undead wizard, Saga, and his cute companion.

It's made by me, Maryanne.

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Why Aren't the Newer Pages Finished?

Prior to returning to comic updates with pencilled pages in June 2020, the comic had been on hiatus for almost 4 years. Pain in my hand and wrist had been making it harder and harder to keep up with the comic update schedule, and in those 4 years, the condition of my hand never really improved.

Though I explored the idea of switching to a sort of prose format, Xylobone Tomes is not a novel. It is a comic. And so I arrived at this compromise, to post unfinished pages so that the story may continue in its intended form. Updating with unfinished pages, I ultimately decided, was preferable to not updating at all.

The plan is to post completed inked and shaded comics in chapter blocks when I am able to finish them, but these will likely be a long time in coming. I will announce on social media when completed chapters have been posted. Additionally, the images on the Archive page will provide a quick reference to which chapters have completed art.

Thank you for reading.

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