Jan 4, 2016

Welcome back, and Happy New Year!

In December I participated in a Webcomic Secret Santa gift exchange! For mine, I did this picture of Hpobfvfr for Mansion of E, and Vas of Velvet Rasputin made me this festive picture of Ariel! Relatedly, there is now a fan art section on the Extras page. I have a couple other pieces I need to add to it later.

In other news, I got a new (used) computer to replace my ten year old Power PC! Now my computer is only seven years old, but has the newest OS on it, and now I can actually use things like Facebook and Dropbox again! On the downside, my scanner is still ten years old, and hasn't been supported since 2011. We tried for hours to get it working on either mine or my husband's computer, to no avail. So I will probably end up keeping my old computer around as a dedicated scanning station. Very annoying.

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