If you enjoy this comic and wish to support it, there are several options available to you!

  • Foremost of which is Patreon! Where you can get access to bonus sketches, lore, and more!
  • You can also check out the Store for prints and minicomics!
  • You can buy advertising space on the website: Leaderboard
  • You can Vote on Top Web Comics!
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  • Or even just disable your ad-blocker (the ads aren't annoying, I promise!)

But what is Patreon?

Patreon harkens back to the old days of Rennaissance painters, where the arts were funded by patrons, providing the artists' living expenses, so the artists could spend their time creating. It is a form of crowd-sourced funding in the vein of Kickstarter, with different pledge levels, rewards, and even things like stretchgoals. The difference being in that instead of funding a one-time project, you are pledging a monthly contribution to the artist's living expenses so they can continue to work on the art you enjoy. In return you can also get access to bonus content, or even some original art.

Patreon support is what will enable future goals like updating the comic more often!

What is on Xylobone's Patreon?

At a $1 monthly pledge I have an easy option for those who don't necessarily care about the extra content, but want to do a little something to support the comic they enjoy.

$2 will get you access to weekly sketchbook posts!

$5 patrons will get to see the monthly Lorebook pages, delving into background and setting information for the world of Xylobone Tomes. :o

Then at $10 I will provide PDF downloads of all my minicomics (in addition to getting to see the sketches and Lore pages!)

And then there are also a limited number of $50-100 spaces for custom original art pieces!

See the Patreon page for details!